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איש איננו אי בודד רק לעצמו; כל אחד הוא חלק מאביו וחלק מאימו. כל אחד הוא חלק מארצו וחלק מעמו”

“Man is not an island unto himself. Every person is made from part of his father and part of his mother. Everyone is a part of his land and a part of his people.”
 –Ehud Manor

A school is a community. We believe that our students will grow up to be leaders in the communities where they choose to make their lives. Therefore, we encourage them to believe in their abilities, to take initiative, and to take upon themselves personal, social, and communal responsibility, within the school and outside of it.
We believe that we are all partners in the act of education – students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

We believe that through strengthening feelings of belonging for all who pass through the doors of the school, we will enable more meaningful and fruitful learning.

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  • AHS offers numerous community involvement opportunities, including:

  • Student Council

  • Mashkinei Shalom

  • Echpat Lanu - We Care

  • The Parliament - Conflict Resolution Council

  • Shagrirei Lashon Hatov - Good Speech Ambassadors