School Programs

Student Services (CDL)

Special Education for Exceptional Students

Associated Hebrew Schools, through the Centre for Diverse Learning (CDL), is committed to active and meaningful collaboration with students, parents, teachers and outside agencies and professionals, to ensure that the needs of all students are met in the most inclusionary environment possible.

Continuum of Special Education

At AHS we offer a continuum of special education services for those students who have been identified as exceptional and would benefit from special education programs and/or services that are appropriate for students with more complex learning exceptionalities.

We seek to provide reasonable and appropriate education, taking into consideration the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual nature of each child.

Our Approach

Our plan for intervention includes identifying students’ strengths, needs and interests, their learning preferences, allocating appropriate resources to support instruction, and then determining the length of time needed for instruction, review and feedback.

Students in our school with special education needs are placed in regular classes for instruction and are successful with instructional, environmental and assessment accommodations, as well as differentiated instruction that supports all students.

Specialized Assistance

Students who require more intensive support receive specialized assistance designed and delivered by a member of the CDL team in conjunction with the classroom teacher.

For students who excel in a particular area, we offer differentiated instruction in the classroom through open-ended tasks, challenges and extension activities, usually around critical thinking and application of concepts. 

Enrichment Programs

We also offer some specialized enrichment programs. To address the social-emotional needs of our students, we have access to a School Social Worker and Behaviour Consultant as part of the school team.