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Life & Legacy

“Those who plan for the days ahead – plant wheat.
Those who plan for the years ahead – plant trees.
Those who plan for the generations ahead – educate children.” --Janusz Korczak, 1878-1942    
Janusz Korczak devoted his life to educating children, knowing that future generations could only succeed when built upon a strong foundation. At Associated Hebrew Schools, we work every day to impact the hearts and minds of our students, knowing that they will, in turn, impact those who come after them. Associated Hebrew Schools (AHS) is a community where every student belongs.

Our students represent a wide range of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and religious practices, respecting and learning from one another as one community, one family. We are a home for every Jewish child’s heart, mind, and soul. Within our vibrantly diverse community, AHS delivers a powerful educational experience infused with traditional Jewish values.

Honouring our rich academic tradition of excellence and high expectations in both General and Judaic Studies, our learner-centred, inquiry-driven model develops confidence along with academic and social-emotional competence. At AHS, we celebrate and encourage divergent thinking, helping our students to find not only relevance but also great joy and passion in their learning.

At AHS, each student has the opportunity to find their own path to success and excellence within a nurturing, vibrant, and innovative learning environment. Our students live and breathe a love of Judaism. They are strongly connected to the State of Israel; have fluency in prayer, Jewish text, and the Hebrew language; and develop a deeply rooted sense of identity within Jewish history and within the global Jewish community.

Our graduates are well prepared to lead meaningful, proud, successful, and inspired Jewish lives, and to act as responsible global citizens and leaders. Our legacy donors are people like you, who believe that strong, proud, resilient, confident, literate youth, grounded in the tenets of our faith, are the foundation of our community’s future. Your legacy gift ensures that AHS can continue to inspire Jewish lives through education and shared communal experience for future generations.