About AHS

Board of Directors

The Associated Hebrew Schools Board of Directors is comprised of 20 committed volunteers who are dedicated to upholding Associated’s mission, values, and vision, and are responsible for overseeing the strategic leadership and effective stewardship of the School. Our dedicated Board is made up of current parents, past parents, alumni, and community members who commit their time and resources towards the overall advancement and best interests of the School.

Executive Members

  • President: Shawn Goldberg (email)
  • Past President: Elaine Osher
  • Vice President: Jono Halpern
  • Vice President: Elliot Marer
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Yoken
  • Secretary: Jonathan Sonshine
  • Member at Large: Maya Roth

Board Members

Brenda Weitzner Daniella Samuel Esther Rozenblit
Henry Koschitzky Howard Gangbar Mitch Vininsky
Naomi Mansell Rachel Scherzer Shael Weinreb
Stephanie Greenwald Steven Smith

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  • Board Committees

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  • Board of Governors

    The Associated Hebrew Schools Board of Governors is comprised of long-standing volunteers and professionals who have made significant contributions to AHS. Many are former Board Members, Committee Members, or staff who have provided and continue to provide extraordinary leadership at AHS. They make valuable contributions to the school community by participating in fundraising activities, committee work, and annual meetings. AHS benefits greatly from their collective knowledge, dedication, and passion. The members of the Board of Governors act in a consultative role, and serve as ambassadors of AHS. We are grateful to this group of leaders who support the mission and vision of Associated.

    Past Board Presidents are denoted with an asterisk (*). 
    Chair: Sally Zigler* and Mark Zigler
    Vice-Chair: John H. Daniels
    Vice-Presidents: Irving Matlow | Milton Shier

    Board of Governors

    Mordechai Ben-Dat
    Mary Bien
    Prof. Michael Brown
    Jack Brudner
    Dr. Irv Feferman
    Stephen Freedhoff
    Lindy Goodman
    Sheldon Goodman*
    Jodi Gottesman
    Dr. Bernard Green
    Helene Green
    Louis Greenbaum*
    Fred Guth
    Jay Heller
    James Klein
    Henry Koschitzky*
    Mira Koschitzky
    Saul Koschitzky
    Dr. Harry Krakowsky*
    Dr. Arthur Kruger
    Arthur Landa
    Dr. Howard Langer
    Janice Langer
    Brian Lass
    Ellen Markin
    Michele Michaelov
    Israel Mida
    Charles Nagel
    Barry Naiberg
    Aurelia Ostro
    Dr. Michael Ostro
    Jodi Pasoff
    Mayeer Pearl*
    Joanne Perlmutter
    David Posluns
    Gerry Richler
    Marlene Rochwerg
    Martin Rochwerg
    Jack Rotsztain
    Barry Sacks
    Judy Scheininger
    Les Scheininger*
    Susan Shainhouse
    Dr. Zev Shainhouse
    Beth Singer
    Rabbi Abraham Soffer
    George Weinberger
    Ian Zagdanski
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