About AHS

Board of Directors

The Associated Hebrew Schools Board of Directors is comprised of a group of committed volunteers who are dedicated to upholding Associated’s mission, values, and vision, and responsible for overseeing the strategic leadership of the School and the effective stewardship of its resources. The Board includes current parents, past parents, alumni, and community members. Members of the Board devote their time and resources to the School's advancement and best interests. 

Executive Members

President: Jono Halpern (email)
Past-President: Shawn Goldberg
Vice-President: Elliot Marer
Vice-president: Maya Roth
Treasurer: Mark Siboni
Secretary: Effie Wolle

Board Members

Jill Charnaw Rachale Cohen Darrell Cordes
Rina Gerson Shawn Goldberg Hanan Goldfarb
Jonathan Halpern Henry Koschitzky Yonah Krakowsky
Gabi Krug Elliot Marer Rob Richler
Maya Roth Daniella Samuel Mark Siboni
Brenda Weitzner Effie Wolle

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  • Board Committees

    The standing committees of the Board of Directors and their subcommittees oversee specific Board responsibilities described below. If you are interested in learning more about serving on a committee, please email communications@ahschools.com.

    Committee on Directors

    The Committee on Directors (COD) coordinates the identification, cultivation, recruitment, and orientation of new directors and oversees the governance and nominations process for both board and sub-committees, and provides ongoing board education.


    The Development Committee develops and coordinates the fundraising initiatives of the Board of Directors, including: annual campaign, endowments and major gifts. It also oversees the identification, cultivation, and stewardship of donors.

    The Finance Committee monitors all financial information of Associated including budgets, financial statements, and tuition fee recommendations. 

    Head Support and Evaluation
    The Head Support and Evaluation Committee works collaboratively with the Head of School for yearly planning in accordance with the strategic plans of AHS and the Board of Directors.

    Parent Association (AHSPA)
    The Parent Association (AHSPA) raises funds for projects and activities at Associated and fosters relationships between the parent community and AHSPA. The AHSPA coordinates our in-school volunteers. 
    Tuition Assistance 
    Preserving strict confidentiality, the Tuition Assistance Committee oversees the administration of the tuition support program.
  • Board of Governors

    The Associated Hebrew Schools Board of Governors is comprised of long-standing volunteers and professionals who have made significant contributions to AHS. Many are former Board Members, Committee Members, or staff who have provided and continue to provide extraordinary leadership at AHS. They make valuable contributions to the school community by participating in fundraising activities, committee work, and annual meetings. AHS benefits greatly from their collective knowledge, dedication, and passion. The members of the Board of Governors act in a consultative role, and serve as ambassadors of AHS. We are grateful to this group of leaders who support the mission and vision of Associated.

    Past Board Presidents are denoted with an asterisk (*). 
    Chair: Sally Zigler* and Mark Zigler
    Vice-Presidents: Irving Matlow

    Board of Governors

    Mordechai Ben-Dat 
    Mary Bien 
    Jack Brudner 
    Irving Feferman 
    Stephen Freedhoff 
    *Shawn Goldberg 
    Lindy Goodman 
    *Sheldon H. Goodman
    Jodi Elen Gottesman 
    Bernard Green 
    Helene Green 
    *Louis I. Greenbaum 
    Fred Guth 
    Jay Heller 
    James Klein 
    *Henry Koschitzky 
    Saul Koschitzky 
    *Harry Krakowsky 
    Arthur Kruger 
    Arthur Landa 
    Howard Langer 
    Janice Langer 
    Brian Lass 
    Ellen Markin 
    Irving Matlow 
    Michele Michaelov 
    Israel H. Mida 
    Charles J. Nagel 
    Barry Naiberg 
    *Elaine Osher 
    Jodi Pasoff 
    *Mayeer Pearl 
    Joanne Perlmutter 
    David Posluns 
    Gerry David Richler 
    Marlene Rochwerg 
    Martin Rochwerg 
    Jack Rotsztain 
    Barry Sacks 
    Judy Scheininger 
    *Les Scheininger 
    Susan Shainhouse 
    Zev Marvin Shainhouse 
    Ora Shulman
    Beth Singer 
    George Weinberger 
    Ian Zagdanski 
    Mark Zigler 
    *Sally Zigler
  • By-laws

    By-law No. 4: The General By-law of Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto (passed 27 October 2020 | 9 Cheshvan 5781)
  • Nominations Process

    AHS Board of Directors Nomination Process

    The AHS Board of Directors is comprised of committed volunteers who are dedicated to upholding the School’s mission and vision, and are responsible for overseeing its strategic leadership and effective stewardship. Our Board is made up of stakeholders including current and past parents, alumni, and community members who commit their time and resources towards the overall advancement and best interests of the School.

    The primary role of a Board member is to contribute to defining the School’s mission, governing the fulfillment of that mission, and to carry out the functions of the office of Director as stated in the AHS By Laws. Directors are also responsible for the development of the Board policies that govern the School.

    We frequently seek new members to join our group of dedicated lay leaders.  Volunteering on a Board sub-Committee for a minimum period of one year is a prerequisite to being considered for nomination to the Board.

    This process allows for both the volunteer and Board to evaluate the goodness of fit before making a commitment to a three-year Board member term.

    General Information
    • There are 15-18 elected positions on the Board, and 2 appointed positions - AHS PA President and Chair of the Past President’s Council.
    • The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is made up of the President, Past-President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Chair of the Committee on Directors, Secretary, and Treasurer. A person may hold more than one position on the executive.
    • A call for Nomination to the Board will be circulated to current committee members in January. Nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations sub-committee of the Committee of Directors in February and a slate of candidates for Nominations will be finalized in March.
    • The slate of candidates being nominated to the Board will be shared with our membership in April for the election to be held at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June.
    • If elected, a term begins immediately following the AGM, and lasts three years.
    • Directors may be re-elected for one additional consecutive three-year term.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

    AHS Board of Directors Roles & Responsibilities

     Time Commitment
    • There are approximately eight scheduled board meetings per year (July to June). Special board meetings may also be scheduled as needed.
    • Directors are expected to attend a minimum of 2/3 of the meetings per year; missing three consecutive meetings can be grounds for removal from the Board.
    • In addition, Directors are expected to participate on at least one of the following Board sub-committees: Committee on Directors, Development, Finance, Head Support and Evaluation, AHS PA, or Tuition Assistance.
    Expectations and Requirements
    • Prior to the Board’s first meeting following the AGM, a mandatory education session will be held for all new Directors to provide an overview of the School’s structure, background information, priorities, strategic plan, financial position and budget.
     All Directors are expected to:
    • Attend meetings prepared to discuss the issues and business identified on the agenda and any materials circulated prior to the meeting.
    • Remain objective during meetings and act in the best interest of the School.
    • Support all actions taken and decisions made by the Board, and be an ambassador for such decisions.
    • Understand the School’s financial position and its budget well enough to assess the financial impact of the Board’s decisions.
    • Sign a confidentiality agreement and respect the confidentiality of all matters discussed by the Board at all times.
    • Promote the School and participate in its fundraising activities which may include, but are not limited to: attending and/or helping to organize fundraising events, soliciting donations, or making ‘thank you’ calls.
    • Make an annual financial contribution to the School at a level that is personally meaningful.
    • Make an annual financial contribution to the UJA Federation campaign at a level that is personally meaningful
    • Provide a vulnerable sector screening report from a local Police force which must be updated every 5 years as required by government regulations (we will help facilitate this).