About AHS

We Believe

Our Mission

To produce graduates with the confidence to reach their full potential, the passion to be everyday heroes, and the pride to carry the torch of Jewish continuity.

Associated Hebrew Schools, a Jewish Day school in Toronto, ON (AHS), is proud to represent a wide range of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and religious practice. Within this richly diverse community, AHS delivers a powerful educational experience infused with traditional Jewish values. At AHS, each student has the opportunity to find their own path to success and excellence within a safe, vibrant, and innovative learning environment.

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  • At AHS, we put community at the centre of all experiences

    We are a broadly diverse, inclusive, and caring community. We welcome, embrace, and serve the community with empathy and mutual respect. At AHS, every child has a voice, every learner is given the opportunity to succeed, and every student has the opportunity to discover and hone individual skills and interests. We meaningfully connect with our community of parents, inviting them to lend their expertise and become partners in their children’s education.
  • At AHS, we bring the very best educational thought and practice to both General and Judaic Studies

    Honouring our rich academic tradition of excellence and high expectations, our learner-centred, inquiry-driven model develops confidence along with academic and social-emotional competence. Our innovative educational program and highly effective and caring faculty support the development of a Maker Mindset, while providing students with strong foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Our program also fosters the development of timeless skills grounded in collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, which will allow students to succeed and thrive.
  • At AHS, we bring Jewish learning to life

    Through a traditional but non-prescriptive approach, students become knowledgeable in Jewish heritage, history, and texts. Prayer and Jewish practice are a means of connecting spiritually, communally, and historically. Students gain a deep affinity for the State of Israel and acquire proven proficiency in the Hebrew language. Through rich and joyful experiences, students develop deep Jewish identities, preparing them to lead meaningful and inspired Jewish lives.

The results

AHS graduates are role models. They are ambitious achievers, while being responsible family members and exemplary citizens. Our alumni are proud and knowledgeable Jews, people of deep character, inspired to serve the community and take action. They possess a deep sense of purpose, allowing them to thrive and become leaders. AHS graduates have the compassion to care for those in need and the passion to change the world and the community they live in.