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Bet Hayeled (Nursery-SK)

A World of Learning and Discovery: student-centred, hands-on and digital learning

Associated’s Bet Hayeled program inspires children to be curious, capable, and competent learners. We nurture your children’s curiosity, independence, sense of community, and Jewish identity so that each child will be prepared for the next stage of their personal and academic journey. We seek to ignite a love for Judaism so that each child can lay claim to their Jewish heritage
We want the children to feel at home in Hebrew, beginning in the early years. It is important to us that they will acquire vocabulary and will internalize their first impressions of the language so that they will be able to introduce themselves and express their wants and needs as they take their first steps in Hebrew. A child who loves Hebrew in kindergarten and who feels successful in acquiring the language will likely display a similarly positive attitude towards continuing to learn the language in the later grades.

Hebrew instruction is delivered through the “Chalav U’Dvash” program

This program brings daily Hebrew to every child, activates all the senses, integrates daily Israeli life into every class, and teaches everything in Hebrew, with professional support to every guest along the way. The program particularly emphasizes the skills of listening and speaking for vocabulary expansion and knowledge of the language’s structure, in age-appropriate and child-centred ways.

Why Choose Bet Hayeled at AHS?

    • We offer a safe, supportive, and loving environment in which children develop confidence and competence as independent learners and as members of the community
    • We are a Jewish early childhood education program dedicated to igniting a love of Judaism in our students through the celebration of our heritage and of Israel
    • Inquiry-based learning is at the core of our student-centred approach to education
    • Innovative teaching methods and technology are incorporated into the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum
    • Learning is guided by 2 nurturing, certified teachers per classroom

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